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Conference Handouts

Good evening! Thank you for an excellent Opening Session!  

Ms. McCloud made several references to handouts and slides during her presentation...where can those be downloaded?  Will there be more for other sessions?

Thank you!

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I also have the same problem and would love to get the handouts

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I would also like the handouts but cannot find them

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Can't get in conference. Have been trying for two half hours

I would also like the handouts. I have not been able to find them. 

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I cannot find any of the handouts and would like a bunch. I also would like a transcript of a few.

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One of the presenters/moderators commented in a chat window during one of the sessions that there is a link to find handouts in the daily email "Splash Scoop"  that they're sending out each morning...there are quite a few there...

Not all presentations have handouts.  That is always disappointing to me.  I spend so much time scrambling to write it all down that I miss key info.  When they give me handouts, I can actually soak in the info instead of the mad writng dash!   

Love the suggestion of transcripts!!!!!  

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