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fidelity tool

I really do not like the fidelity tool. Previous tools require just one observation for me to see if the curriculum is being used with fidelity - due to the N S and C ( No Evidence , Some Evidence and Consistent), I would have to do several visits with one person to be able to mark them as consistent - not a good use of my time or theirs! 

In order to achieve fidelity the tool appears to say we have to use the assessment provided - we do use an assessment but it differs from the Frog Street one - does that mean we are not using the curriculum to fidelity? 

Lastly the last page is all about socializations - we would not see that in many visits as they are decided at the beginning of the year and are not really discussed with parents through out the year. We are a rural program and have no option but to plan this way to get everything in particularly as we share half our socializations with our Head Start Component ! Maybe having the socialization as a totally separate sheet would work better 

Could someone please tweak it a little bit and confirm that not using the assessment piece nor discussing socializations at visit would affect curriculum fidelity. - 

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Have you guys come up with Love and Learn Fidelity tool that I can look at or have access too. THank you 

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