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Unable to view site

I have tried to log in several times and it keeps saying it can not open due to to many redirects.

4 people have this problem

Too many redirects. I have tried 3 different Browsers on a Mac and one Browser on my Windows machine. I am receiving the same error message.

Your subscription has either expired, not yet been added, or you have not registered your account. Please send me a separate support desk ticket and I can help you further! Thanks!

I can not log in I am having a lot of problems with my account frustrating!!!!

I need help as soon as possible to make my lesson plans and start working I don't want to be behind because this issue.

Thank You

Ms. Gonzalez

I'm trying to print from the pattern cd. All of the page are printed in landscape on two pages and cut some of the patterns. I tried changing it to portrait and legal paper but it still printed in landscape and cut some of the pictures. How can I print on one page

Can you edit the pictures' sizes before you print to avoid them getting cut off?

How do I get access to the PRE K LESSON PLANS?

Please contact us at 800-884-3764 or go to to register.

I was wondering what all of the websites are that are attached to the program. Our tech leader needs them in order to get them unblocked.
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