You have made a great choice; AIM Observational Assessment will provide you comprehensive tools needed for gathering student observation data, assigning status, and using reports to fully understand your children's growth and progress. Below you will find essential information for getting started with AIM Observational Assessment.
Getting Started Next Steps
1. Frog Street sets up your account in the AIM system. There will be a URL specific to your organization.
2. You will need to complete the attached roster template (using Your Roster Template information provided below) for the upload of your staff and students into your account. As part of your Frog Street 2020 Pre-K Curriculum, you receive 22 student licenses for each kit that you purchased for the one AIM Assessment of your choice for one year. 
3. Receive notification from Frog Street that your account is ready. The notification will include your account URL and a temporary password for your staff to log in with. They will be asked to immediately change to a personal password.
4. Register for AIM Observational Training. (Optional, but recommended)
Your Roster Template

1. Attached you will find an Excel sheet with four tabs. The first two tabs provide directions for what is required on the staff, and student tabs for the roster to upload correctly. Add the number of students allotted.

2. Rename your file to include your ACCOUNTNAME_AIMTYPE_MMDDYYYY
o Example: FROGSTREETUSD_AIMO_10272020
3. We will pick up the file there and get it to our tech team to upload.
Additional Resources for Success

There will be numerous resources in the AIM Observational Learning Library to guide you. You might also consider attending an AIM Observational Training.  Please reach out to for more information.