This article provides an overview of how to administer a test in your CRT assessment program. 

1) Log in to your account by going to and enter your username and password. 

2) Click on Online Testing at the top of your home page. 

3) Right below, click on Review/Grade Online Tests.

4) The top box is used to filter your assigned tests, which appear in the bottom box titled Review Test Assignments. 

NOTE: You can take several actions from the Review Test Assignments box. The three icons to the left of each test will allow you to deactivate the test, edit properties, and review before choosing to administer the test.

5) Click on the blue code in the code column. 

6) A second window will open in your browser and you will see a list of students. 

7) Select the student/s and click the green Select button. 

8) The next window will show you what (if any) materials are needed before you administer the test. 

9) Click Begin Test.

10) Finally, the test will begin for the student. 

11) Once the students has completed the test, you can choose either Submit the test or Keep Working.

12) Once the test is submitted, you will see a window that gives you the option to Exit or Take Another Test. Please have the test code ready if you choose to take another test. NOTE: The system will ask you for the code. 

13) Close the test window when finished.