This article provides an overview of how to assign a test in your CRT assessment program. 

NOTE: Please make sure your students have been added to the program before following these steps

1) Log in to your account by going to and enter your username and password.  

2) Click on Online Testing at the top of your home page.

3) Click on Assign Online Tests.

4) Select your correct grade level from the Grade dropdown box.

5) Select your correct subject from the Subject (Skill) dropdown box.

6) Select your correct bank from the Bank dropdown box (English or Spanish).

7) Select your correct Test option from the last dropdown box.

NOTE: Assign the appropriate test for the time of year you are assessing your students. Also, the list will show you which tests are measured by the system (M) and which are measured by observation only (O).

  • BOY: Beginning of year
  • MOY: Middle of year
  • EOY: End of year 
  • (M): Measured 
  • (O): Observational

8) Toward the bottom of the page, select your School, Term, and Class from the dropdown boxes. 

9) Check the Use Roster at Time of Test Taking if you want to select all students who were added at the time of rostering/importing. If you only want to add individual students or a student who enrolled after the initial rostering, uncheck this box. Students will then populate below, and you can select the ones you want to assign the test to. 

10) Click the blue Assign button on the bottom right. 

NOTE: If you have multiple classes or you are an admin or district administrator, check the Group Assignment bubble. Name your group and select all schools and classes you want to assign the test to.