In order to use ABCmouse while in the classroom, you will need to log into your teacher account on each device/platform in your classroom or computer lab. Note that you will only need to log into a devices once unless you choose to log out. 


  1. Log in to each device.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the Student Login (external link) page. 
  3. From there, students can select the image of their own avatar to log into their profile and access learning activities. 

Important: if you have enabled the passcode feature, students need to enter personal picture icon. Student passcodes are not a requirement and can be turned off on the Student Settings (external link) page from the Teacher Homepage.

When a student is ready to log out, they can click on the Change User button on the left side panel of the screen to return to the Student Login page, allowing another student to log into their own profile. 


  • If your students will use tablets, ensure that the ABCmouse app has been installed on the devices.
  • If students will use ABCmouse on computers, create a shortcut on each computer for the Student Login page. Bookmarking this specific page helps students more quickly login.