The Frog Street Teacher Resource Portal offers many online resources to support instruction in the classroom. Once a school/center purchases a curriculum, the teacher and/or director can create an account and request access.  (**Self-registration is not available for users of our new FSPK 2020.  Please contact your school administrator or send a help ticket for access to FSPK 2020). Resources are organized as subscriptions on your Dashboard.  Each curriculum will have its own subscription and is based on that curriculum. The subscription is organized for ease in finding the resources needed. The first example below shows a Dashboard for a teacher who has access to both the Toddler and Infant curriculum resources. The second example is the resources within the Toddler curriculum.  The Toddler curriculum (and all the other curriculums) is organized based on that particular curriculum.

NOTE: The Frog Street Portal is designed for use by teachers.  This is not a tool for parents or students to use away from the classroom.