Welcome to the Frog Street Teacher Resource Portal! 


These instructions are only for Frog Street Pre-K 2020 customers.  If you are not a Pre-K 2020 customer, please refer to How do I access the Frog Street Teacher Resource Portal?  With the purchase of Frog Street Curriculum, you get access to Frog Street's Teacher Resource Portal for your teachers.  


Getting Started Next Steps 

  • You will need to complete the attached roster template for the upload of your staff. 
  • Save the file and rename the sheet to your district/school name. 
  • Upload your completed roster here: Frog Street Portal File Upload. (Do not send this roster via e-mail due to privacy concerns.)


Once your roster has been imported, teachers will receive an e-mail letting them know their portal account was created, and they can log in and start using this digital resource! If the teacher is an existing user, they will not receive an e-mail because they already have access to the portal.


To learn more about all the digital products you have access to, please click here: PreK Tour