Your Frog Street Playlists are ready for you!

Your organization purchased the Frog Street Curriculum, and with that, you get access to Frog Street Playlists powered by ABCmouse for your students and teachers. 

Your organization has been set up on our Age of Learning Admin Portal. You will have access to roster your organization, license your students, and manage your account.  Once your account is rostered, you will be able to send your teachers redeem codes as well as send invites to parents for an ABCmouse redemption code.

How to access the Age of Learning Admin Portal 

  1. Please submit a ticket to request your Admin access to the Age of Learning website: Home::AofL Management System
  2. Once you have received your e-mail from AofL, you will be able to finish setting up your Admin credentials. 

Next Steps as an Admin: Please see the attached Admin Manual, CSV file and Teacher Login Instructions

  1. ROSTER ACCOUNTS: To get started, you will first need to roster your teachers and students. There are two ways of rostering: through an Excel/CSV upload or individually.
  2. ASSIGN LICENSING: It is important to note that rostering students does not automatically provide students with access to the product. In order to provide access, you will need to assign a license to your students.
  3. INVITE TEACHERS: Admins will need to give teachers their redeem codes after rostering for them to have access to ABCmouse. 

 For technical assistance, go to:

 To add licenses, contact