It is important to note that rostering students does not automatically provide students with access to the product. In order to provide access, you will need to assign a license to your students 

Licensing Students After Rostering with Excel/CSV: 

Here’s how to license students after uploading students through the Excel/CSV file method: 

1. From the Rosters tab, click Assign License Now that is located next to the file you just uploaded. 

2. Select which product(s) you’d like to assign and press Assign License again. 

3. This will assign licenses to all new students that were included in your roster.

Licensing Students Manually:  

Suppose you want to assign licenses to specific students, such as students you created individually. In that case, you will need to go to the Students section, select the students you'd like to license, and then click Assign License in the Bulk Action menu. You can also go to the class, school, or higher levels to assign licenses to all students within that group.

For assistance or questions regarding licensing students, please go to Frogstreet Support and create a ticket and one of our Customer Success reps will reach out.