Administrators will need to invite teachers to the Age of Learning Management System for teachers

to finish activating their account.

To send teacher invitations, you will need to:

1. Go to the Schools section.

2. Select the checkbox of each school you wish to send teacher invitations to.

3. Select Bulk Actions.

4. Select Teacher Invites.

TIP: If you are not ready to send invitations to all teachers within a school, you can go to lower

levels within your organization to send invitations. For example, you can choose to send from the

Classes or Teachers sections instead of the Schools section.

Teachers will receive an account setup email to the email address entered by the administrator. The link

in the email is unique to the teacher and should be used only by the intended recipient.

Once teachers open the link from the email, they will be required to choose a secure password for their

account. The email address and password they choose will be the same for both the management

system and the product apps. Additional information about teacher accounts is provided in the

Teacher Training Guide.