Initial Rostering Through Excel/CSV Upload


Use this method to easily upload your schools, classes, teachers, and students at once using an Excel/CSV file. See the attached Roster Template below. 

1. From the Import Roster tab, download the roster template.

2. Fill out the template with your school, teacher, and student information. Be sure to note which

columns are required. Depending on your organization, your template may have additional columns that allow you to enter information on a district or regional level.

3. When you finish entering your information in the template, save it to your computer as a CSV

UTF-8 file, and then select it for the roster upload.

4. The system will then validate your roster; this means it will check for errors in the file such as

missing fields or duplicate entries.

5. If there are any issues with your file, the system will let you know what needs to be fixed so you

can edit and reupload.

6. After your roster is validated, you will see a summary of how many records will be uploaded. Carefully

review the information in the summary to ensure the correct number of students, teachers, etc. appear.

7. Save your roster file.

TIP: To save a file as a CSV UTF-8 file, first open the Excel file and select the File button in

the toolbar. Then select Save As and in the window that pops up, click File Format, and select

CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited). Click Save and you are all set!