After you’ve rostered and licensed your students, send out family invitations to create their home

accounts, and begin using ABCmouse.  They will create their accounts by using the Redeem Code found next to their names. We offer a few options to send these invites. This action can also be done by teachers.

Inviting Students in Bulk 

1. Click the Students tab.

2. Select all students you would like to invite.

3. Click Bulk Actions in the upper right corner and select Send Student Invitations.

4. Select the method you’d like to use to send the invites.

5. Click Preview in the bottom right corner to review what the invitations will look like.

6. Press Print or Send, depending on your selected delivery method.

Inviting Students Individually

1. Find the student you’d like to invite and click their name to view their user details page.

2. Scroll to the bottom to view the products in which they are currently licensed.

3. Click Preview & Send Student Invitation under the product in which you’d like to invite them.

4. Select the method you’d like to use to send the invitations and then click Send.

5. If there is another product, repeat these steps again for the additional product.

6. Families will receive their invites, which instruct them on how to create their home account.

Delivery Methods for Inviting Students

Print: This method will print out the invites so you can hand them out individually. This is especially useful if school admins or teachers are hosting a training or parents are attending a back-to-school night.

Send Immediately: This will send an invite to them right away. They will either receive an email or a text

depending on the information entered in the management system and the preferred communication method selected.

Send Later: You can use this to send an invite at a later time. Note that this option will send an invite at 12:01am PST.