Students log in under the teacher account via to Class Login page; they do not require their own username and password. 

1) On the Teacher Homepage, go to the Student Login section and select Go to ABCmouse. This will bring you to the Class Login page. Logging in at will also automatically bring you to the Class Login page.

2) On the Class Login page, go to Step 1 to select a teacher, then complete Step 2 to select a student. When you select a student, the ABCmouse Student Homepage opens to that student’s account. 

3) To log a student out of their account, select Change User. This logs the student out of ABCmouse and takes you back to the Student Login page. 

Tip: If your students will be using tablets, ensure that the ABCmouse App has been installed on the devices. If students will be using ABCmouse on computers, create a shortcut; on each computer, visit, select Log In, and enter your login information. This will bring you to the Class Login page. Bookmark that page in your browser so students can quickly login.